A few words about me

My name is Ewelina and I was born in Poland, in Wałbrzych. When I was 1 year old my parents were tired of queueing in order to buy Pampers for me,
so they decided to move to the “West”, a land of endless possibilities:Germany.

I attended Kindergarten and the 1st class of primary school in Stuttgart, Germany where I met people from all over the world. In fact, in this particular moment of my life, I started my international journey that continues until today. In the early years of my childhood I had contact with people from different countries, cultures and habits. This was a very good lesson in open-mindedness for me. Trips with my parents have also taught me how easy it can be to connect with people and learn about new places, different tastes and deepen my knowledge and find new hobbies. All the traveling showed me that despite the color of skin, culture or language we are all the same: people.

Our teacher introduced us to the “Brother John” song in all the languages that represented the home countries of our classmates.

When I was seven, we moved back to Poland. My parents missed their homeland a lot and especially our family. I continued my education in Świebodzice and after studied in Wroclaw.

After my studies came time for new adventures which lead me to Düsseldorf, Brussels, Madrid and now I have landed in Málaga.  I never would have thought that my life would be so full of never-ending changes, but today I know that it was meant to be. All of these changes, good and bad, made me the happy person that I am today 🙂



Traveling is one of those few experiences in life, that doesn’t make us happy just for a moment, because it leaves an impression on us with memories to be enjoyed for years long after. What’s most important is how it broadens your horizons, teaches us empathy and furthers your understanding. 

I often meet people that ask me how long I will  visit their country. Once they hear 2 weeks, they reply that it doesn’t even make sense to travel for such a short time, as the minimum time required is at least 3 weeks or even a month…I personally disagree as we will always complain about the lack of time. It is much more important to do and let your dreams come true. Even if it is only for a day trip to the city next door one can explore so much, for example a small coffee shop that serves a traditional croissant we didn’t even know about. Thanks to this trip we will look more kindly at our neighbours.

I truly recommend for all of you to travel! All of those small trips and the larger voyages to far destinations we secretly dream about.