In the sky. Why I recommend to jump from a plane

Skidiving- in Spa, April 2018

Nothing describes the words “in the sky” better than a physical jump from 4k feet in the air from a plane.

I don’t know about your friends, but mine are a little bit crazy! On the other hand, if they wouldn’t know me very well then they would have never bought me a SkiDiving experience for my 30th Bday! I’m already afraid what they have in mind for my next Birthday:)

I strongly recommend to jump with one of your best friends, partner or a family member. This experience will definitely bring you closer.

I think I will always remember that particular morning, when I called to confirm if the weather was good enough for the jump (in Belgium you never know…it’s always raining ).. As the answer was yes, in this moment, I realized that in couple of hours I would jump out of a plane…

Heading to SPA, Belgium a town
famous for its several natural mineral springs and mineral water producer Spa, I couldn’t even say a word. We drove 1,5 hours in silence…I think I saw my entire life in front of me.

Once we arrived,  at the destination we were shocked! There were so many kids in the jump suits and moreover… people in their 70s! I have to admit it calmed me down a bit, however a couple of minutes later I had to sign a document where I agreed to  the terms and conditions in case of…. – Sign it, don’t read it! Trust me 🙂

Once you have your jump suit on you will meet your tandem partner with whom you will experience unforgettable moments. These people are just awesome! In a second they build trust and give you a quick training where the main instruction is> “don’t stop smiling. Soon you will experience one of the most awesome things of your life”!

Happy watching!

All this craziness lasts about 15 minutes,10 minutes of which, you will spend in the plane. During this time you can admire the beautiful views, only if your nerves will permit you to do so! Personally, I was mostly thinking, ‘why did I step on the plane as a last one?’ That meant I would be the first one to jump.

You cannot see  it clearly in the video, but only after the light turns green can we come closer to the entrance of the plane where you jump. Our hands must be crossed to not hit our tandem partner during the fall. 🙂

Once we are on the edge of the door, the instructor will pull up our head and push us out.   

I guess it’s done like this on purpose! At least you see clouds and you don’t look down.

During the first 10 to 12 seconds of the freefall we accelerate until we achieve a constant speed of around 200-250 km/h for the next 60 seconds. After the freefall the parachute opens and we still have around 5 minutes of fall to enjoy! Actually for me this was the best moment! Happiness and relief that the parachute opened and the incredible views!

During the jump it’s quite cold, apparently our brain feels  as if it does under water. This why it’s called “skydiving”.

Must know
1. Eat a light breakfast
2. Take gloves with you. It can be quite cold up there 🙂

In the end, it’s all about discovering your boundaries. Watch this inspiring video where Will Smith talks about fear:”The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear.”

And what about you? How do you fight your fears? Will you ever jump from a plane?

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