Hello and welcome to my travel paradise! I hope my blog will inspire you in your own journey around the world:)  
In my travel paradise, you will find a lot of recommendations of what places to visit for: for just a weekend, a couple of days or for 2 weeks! Based on my personal experience, all the foodies will explore tips on what local food is a must-try and what wine or drink to pair with it!! You will also explore some cultural insights that will help you better understand people from other countries and what to expect when you land. A simple ¨hello¨ or a ¨thank you¨ in the language of the country you are visiting will always put a big smile on local faces! 🙂
And remember! TRAVELING is all about enjoying yourself! Don´t get over zealous while organizing a trip. Leave some space for a little bit of adventure…

The most beautiful party in Spain

Plaza España; Sevilla; Andaluzja

How to spend 24 hours in Seville

Is it possible to visit Sevilla just in 24 hours? Of course! You just need to plan your trip before and I promise you will even find time to enjoy the spanish tapas with a glass of wine, beer with lemon called “”cerveza con limon” or a glass of  tinto de verano 

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In the Sky

Nothing describes the words “in the sky” better than a physical jump from 4k feet in the air from a plane.

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12 lucky grapes

When the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December, everyone else around the world toasts to the best wishes for the New Year with a glass of Champagne. However, the Spanish focus on counting up to twelve. 

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Podium jump

In Poland, ski jumping has an enormous fan following and therefore evokes high emotions just as football would in Spain. 

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In the land of Baobabs

Polish fans are the best!

Visit Spain for skiing!

Normally, most of us go to Spain for holidays during the summer months. However, there is a magical winter wonderland that exists in Spain and it’s called – Pyrenees! Watch the video! 

Overcome your fears by jumping!